Feb 28 2015

Look out for the greedy dinosaur in Cober Class!

We are learning a new story about greedy dinosaur, who is a vicious velociraptor! He goes out looking for a tasty snack but doesn’t have a very good day. One of our maths challenges was to make greedy dinosaur 1metre tall, come and have a look at him if you dare (his teeth are very sharp). We also made a velociraptor outside using twigs and leaves; that was tricky to make 1 metre!
We have been thinking about why he was called greedy, Charlie and Jack thought it was because he was always hunting and eating!
Look out for our new display in the dinosaur corner. We have been using the net books to write about our vicious velociraptor and learning how to use the shift key to make a capital letter.
Finally, in maths, we have been sorting animals and dinosaurs again. This week we have made pictograms and Venn Diagrams. Making the pictograms was tricky because we had to make the grid using rulers. Well done Rosie, Scarlett and Imogen, who were very good at this activity.
Our last photo shows Cober having fun on our ‘adventure playground’, the tyres make great boats…

Next week: world book day on Thursday, so bring in your favourite books and slippers on Thursday!

Team point Challenge: 2team points to anyone who tells me the title of our new story on Monday