Oct 22 2015

London 2015 – day two, part two

This afternoon we had an epic game of Manhunt in a playground, really informative guided tours on the London Eye, walked down Whitehall up to Trafalgar Square, and enjoyed some retail therapy at Covent Garden. I am writing from Jamie’s Italian, where the manager has been the fourth person today to remark on the excellent behaviour of our children. “It must be a very good school” the gentleman said.

Some quotes about the day:

Jess “I didn’t know that there were three parts of the House and that there was a colour to represent each one. It was interesting to watch the politicians speak in the House of Commons and that they were not allowed to use each other’s names. They said Right Hounourable instead!”

Isaac “I saw Wembley Stadium from the top of the London Eye. It’s my dream to go there and I believe that hopefully that dream will come true.”

Arthur “Going on the London Eye, I learnt so much about London. Here are some facts…it is 135m high, has 32 pods, cost £75 million pounds and opened in the year 2000.”