Oct 22 2015

London 2015 – day two, part three

Ella “I learnt a lot in the Houses of Parliament…the building has parts of it that are 1000 years old. I didn’t really understand laws or government before, and that there were so many stages just to get the law. the whole trip is so much fun and there are so many opportunities.”

Jude “Today was cool to see Wembley Stadium and the whole of London. I feel London is special and it is special to be here because you are walking on the same ground as so many famous and important people.”

Leandros “I had a squid and mussel platter and the spaghetti was black from the ink ingredient. It was really nice and quite salty. It’s been great because we have had so much information. I can say I know so much about London now.”

Lewis M “I was amazed by the 600-year old roof on the Great Hall in the Palace of Westminster, and that it fitted together like a jigsaw and uses no nails. The Eye was far up and quite scary, but I like heights. the Shard looked fantastic from up there.”

Photos of a well-earned rest at Trafalgar Square, and spoils of shopping from Covent Garden.





The lighting is low in Jamie’s Italian, so excuse the poor quality of these images!