Oct 21 2015

London 2015 – day one, part two

A few comments from the children:

Maisie “Epic because we had a great time on the underground because everyone was excited for the next part of the adventure. My favourite part was the train journey…the sights were so interesting.”

Marley “Walking over Tower Bridge was like seeing a thousands colours of a rainbow.

Hannah “Life-changing…I didn’t think I would ever see the range of buildings that I can see now and the Shard in the clouds. I can’t wait to sleep on a bed that my great-Grandad could have slept on.”

Lewis T “Today has been a brilliant day in London. The dome of the mosque was unique, painted all types of colours towering above me.”

Nathan “I really like London and I never thought that I would have this experience. I thought Tower Bridge looks stunning at night and am looking forward to seeing it all from the London Eye tomorrow.”

Photos from the Science Museum and Regent’s Park Mosque…