Jun 11 2016

Lerryn visit Eden

We are very fortunate to have such an educational experience down the road that provides an authentic taste of the rainforest and can provide a workshop that combines Maths, Geography and Science skills. It was a powerful combination, as the children will explain:

“The Eden Project was like a real rainforest because of the waterfall and the banana trees.” – Elijah

“In the biome if felt scorching because it was a hot place.” – Brendan

“I wanted to pour water on myself and it was tropically amazing!” – Scarlett

“By the waterfall I felt cool from the humid biome. I loved it because I have never experienced 46C in my life!” – Martha D

“I think it was too hot for lizards.” – Imogen

“When we made the dens for the Building in Brazil workshop for Ken and Barbie it was like making shelters in the rainforest.” – Aidan

“It’s amazing how you brought the Eden Project to life.” – Rosenwyn

“I was so surprised when I saw the two little birds. What did you think of us?” – Valerie

There are a range of photos below, and hopefully everyone is in at least once (if not, please let me know). Look out for the relief of Mrs Puxley when she reached the entrance again! Many thanks to her, Mr Blackburn, Mrs Sampson and Mrs Moyle as ever for all of their hard work and for making the trip happen.