Lerryn Get Excited About Voyager 13 Sep 2013

53131main_voyager-discAfter learning all about the NASA Voyager missions this morning, children in Lerryn Class were fascinated by the idea of a gold plated record which carried information about Earth and humanity into interstellar space. They thought about what they would have put on the gold plated record. Here are some of their ideas, and amazingly, they are very similar to the information, images and sounds that ACTUALLY appear on the disc:

Pictures of sea animals


Animals of Earth

How far away our planet is from the sun

Picture of constellations we can see from Earth

Picture of ourselves

Pictures of technology (iPads, computers etc)

Film of spaceships being launched

Pictures of cities

Our pets

Fields and flowers – the natural world

Songs and music

Picture of a teddy and toys

Ideas about children and how we care for them

Information about the food we eat

People’s houses

Photo of the Earth from space

Letters and writing


Afterwards, we wrote some acrostic poems. Here’s Ethan’s:

Voyager 1 launched nearly 40 years ago

On an interstellar mission.

Years on

Aliens may listen to a golden record

Going on an

Electronic disc.

Recordings of aliens might be filmed in the future.