Lerryn Class Newsletter Spring 2012 18 Jan 2012

Lerryn Class Spring Term 2012

Dear Parent/carer,

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and that you are ready to embark on the Spring term.

The topic this term is Pirates and the classroom has been converted into a Pirate zone, complete with a boat, a crow’s nest and a parrot! The topic promises to be very exciting, with it being incorporated into our curriculum.

Key topic areas:

  • Literacy: our focus will be storytelling, explanation texts and report writing as well as using a dictionary. All of these areas will be related to the pirate theme, such as writing a report on our planned trip.
  • Maths: we will be improving and consolidating our maths from the previous term, working through number, shape, space and measures.
  • Science: there will be a direct link to a problem that Pirate Pete faces when building his new slipway, this will complement the unit on materials and their properties as well as friction.
  • DT: the children will be designing, creating and tasting, their own pirate fruit juice, full of goodness, to ensure that Pirate Pete remains healthy on his travels around the world. If your child has any fruit allergies, please share these with me as soon as possible.
  • ICT: the children will be learning how to record sound as well as editing in order to create their own presentation using various programs such as Podium and Windows Photostory.
  • Geography: children will be improving their ability to use maps accurately, as well as creating their own maps for the local area, including our school.
  • PE: the children will be working in gymnastics, using the apparatus where appropriate.
  • PSHE: the main focus is looking at setting goals and why people do this. This will culminate in the children creating their own targets.
  • Music: will continue to be taught by Mrs Churchley.
  • Religious Education: will continue to be taught by Mrs Micklem and the focus will be Christianity.
  • French: will continue to be taught by Mrs Scott.
  • History: will be led by Mrs Carroll, looking at Francis Drake.

Key information for the term

  • Children will continue to have spellings and times tables weekly as well as daily reading.
  • There will also be a new format for the homework, whereby children are given a choice. A grid has been produced with many different homework options, the children can choose two activities to complete in each row. This will be a continuous homework running until Easter and will be monitored.
  • PE Kits: children will require these on a Monday and Friday, however, it is fine if you wish to leave them in school.
  • Just to confirm, children will enter each morning through the double doors next to the Penhaligon suite. They will also be collected from the main playground.

As with last term, I am happy to make an appointment with you to discuss any issue or concern you may have with your child.

Finally, thank you to all of the parent helpers from last term, your support is appreciated as always!

I look forward to another enjoyable term!

Kind Regards

 James Hitchens

(Lerryn Class Teacher)