Lerryn Class Have a Pet Day 14 May 2013

This term in Lerryn Class, we are looking at animals in science so rather than looking at pictures and videos we decided to do it for real and get animals into our class! We had 4 dogs, a cat and a chicken. It was an amazing experience for the children as they got to: touch the animals, feed them and ask many questions to their knowledgeable owners. The animals (and children) were all amazing throughout the day and we learnt so much!

Yesterday the children focused on using question marks and created questions ready for our visitors today. Whilst the animals were in, a group at a time were photographers as they took photos to support our Art and ICT units. The pictures taken will be edited and be used to create a display in our class by half term! The children wrote notes about each animal after it left and these will form the basis of our information texts that will be created and displayed in the next 10 days.

A massive thank you must go to all of the parents and grandparents for supporting our Pet Day and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

A selection of photographs can be seen below.



DSCN7134 (Medium) DSC01195 (Medium) DSC01254 (Medium) DSCN0969 (Medium) DSCN1032 (Medium) DSCN1038 (Medium) DSCN1059 (Medium) DSCN7128 (Medium) DSCN7130 (Medium)