Lerryn Class Go Blackberry Picking 21 Sep 2013

We went blackberry picking last week so that we could make some bramble jam to take to our harvest festival.

Mrs Skewes made the delicious jam with Helford Class while Lerryn wrote some lovely poems about it. Here’s Ethan’s Poem which sums up our experience poperfectly!

Rainy morning,
Wet blackberries,
Empty pots,
Hard to reach.
Eating them,
Blue tongues,
Girls and boys,
Getting stung,
Lots of cars,
Muddy boots,
Sour fruits,
Wooden gates,
Metal wire,
Three cows.
Scrumptious jam,
Golden butter,
Crusty bread,
Sharp teeth,
Sticky mouths,
Greasy knives,
Full stomachs,
Happy smiles.