Oct 3 2015

Knights and Giant Pizzas!

We started the week making pizzas for the Giant! He likes bats, snails, spiders and beetles on his topping but on Monday he only wanted 10! We then wrote a number sentence to match our pizzas; lots of different ways to make 10.
Following the work on castles, we found out who lived there long ago and continued the work with Miss Puxley on why they were often on a hill. We drew detailed drawings of knights in armour, which we labelled, learning some new words: gauntlet and breastplate. Did you know that a squire helped a knight dress from the legs up? Well, if you came to Friday assembly you would have done because Aoife read her writing out with such a loud and clear voice that everyone could hear. Great job, Aoife!
Our next task is to design a castle out of junk material with a working drawbridge. This will be a tricky challenge in design and technology, so save any tubes or boxes that might be useful. Finally, we enjoyed making castles using outdoor materials on Friday. We worked in teams and there were some interesting results. Great drawbridge from Tilly and Dawson and Archie’s team.
Next week we will be visiting Mrs Moore’s to look at her banana plant! Constantine has some amazing treasures!

Don’t forget our trip to Pendennis on 15th, packed lunch and volunteer drivers please! By then we will know all about Henry Vlll and Miss Puxley has already started making a model of him!