Jun 11 2016

King of the Amazon

Our storytelling this half term has a royal theme with our jaguar story, which we have started to learn. It is set in the Amazon Rainforest in a time when creatures had no colour and were not as they are today! We are now beginning to analyse our character and share phrases about our story.
It has been a great week for Cober with our 6 new children! We welcomed 5 children from Penryn and a visitor from Bulgaria, who is with us for another week. Our other 5 newbies have settled so quickly and already know our rules and routines! Well done and thank you.
In maths, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help us with multiplication. Set in a rainforest theme we have had fun with monkeys and other creatures gathering in groups! Lots of great puzzle solving on Friday, with drawings to help us solve the word questions. Well done to Archie, who used coins on the last puzzle to divide 32 elephants into 4 groups! More of the same next week.
What a brilliant end to our week, celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. Thanks to Mrs Mckenzie for coordinating proceedings with WI for an exciting and regal afternoon with lots of tea and cakes! Everyone made an effort to dress up and there were so many posh hats!

Next week we are completing our phonic screening which is a national assessment to see whether year one children are on target with their reading, particularly with phonic skills. They will need to read 40 words which include 20 ‘non-words’ .