Kids Council

Student Council

From Cober to Tresillian class, each year group at Constantine School get to nominate their Kids Council representatives.  The children who feel they would like to take part, would be able to voice their class’ views and opinions in Kids Council meetings and support various event ideas, put their names forward.  Each class then individually votes, choosing two children. 

Here are your Kids Council for 2020-21; 

Cober – Jocelyn and Jack D

Lerryn – Marcella and Antigone

Helford – Max and Orla 

Kenwyn – Lily and Effie 

Tamar – Thomas and Toby 

Tresillian – Martha and Oliver

Congratulations everyone!

Keep a look out on our school newsletter and website for exciting events and opportunities to support our Kids Council and school. 

G19 Summit Charter

Following our whole Trust Summit talks and pupil conference we are delighted to have contributed to our Trust Charter which is a focus moving forwards for all our school and indeed us here at Constantine.


Friday 13th November 2020 – a super pyjama day raising money for Children in Need! We will share our total amount raised as soon as the final amount is counted. Thank you so much for your generous donations!