Kenwyn’s snow-filled day 21 Jan 2013

Did you know that the temperature of the planet during the last Ice Age was around -100 degrees Celcius to -150 degress Celsius? Or that light travels differently thorough snow compared to ice, which is why snow look white. Or that the lowest recorded temperature in the school field this morning was -2.0 degrees Celsius?

These are just some of the exciting answers to questions that the children asked about the snow this morning. It was one of those days when the normal lessons had to go out of the wondow and we indulged ourselves in Snow Day.

We wrote this together:


I opened my padlocked eyes…

Jack Frost had made the still silence so loud.

My senses tingled and told me “Look outside!”,

I heard their actions loud and clear.

Precious, precious.

Here are some images of the igloos we built, to see if snow could be used as an insulator.

Thank you for a special day.