Mar 17 2021

Kenwyn together again!

What a blast we’ve been having in Kenwyn since the 8th of March!

In science week, we explored ways to send our space tourists to the moon, made moon buggies to ferry them around during their stay and designed space hotels for them to stay in. We also created our own investigation to determine the best fabric to make parachutes from (in case they needed to make an emergency landing on the way home!) and recorded our results. The children employed a range of scientific skills throughout the week and thoroughly enjoyed learning through hands-on activities and discussions.

So far this week, children have taken part in virtual Songfest, begun to explore suspense stories in literacy and created their own story maps. In maths, children have been adding and subtracting fractions, in PE they have been working on ball skills and in science they discovered that food travels approximately 9m through an adult human body! Children have also engaged in lively debates during our E-Safety lessons about what contributes to our digital footprints and how to maintain positive online relationships. SO great to have the whole class together again!