Nov 5 2020

Kenwyn History Day

On 5th November 2020 Kenwyn class enjoyed a History theme day, centred around the Gunpowder plot. Children learned to think like an historian and examine sources, drawing their own conclusions. They then did some further reading and research about the plotters and the plot itself. This led to a discussion about bonfire night traditions.

During the course of their investigations, the children used their learning powers of collaboration, perseverance and making links; they used their maths knowledge to work out how long ago the plot took place and their literacy skills to find the meanings of new words in dictionaries.  The children also enjoyed learning about fires and how to light one safely.

In the afternoon, the children completed a quiz before heading outside to put their new skills to the test. They recited the traditional rhyme ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ before toasting a marshmallow on the open fire.