Kenwyn get animated 17 Dec 2012

On our Animation Day, Kenwyn used Zu3D software to create these animations on an Olympic theme.

The films you see here are the culmination of 2 lessons spent learning about how animations are made. This went from making our own in paper books to trying out a number of different pieces of software and assessing them on a range of criteria.

Congratulations on producing such impressive work in a handful of hours.


OLYMPIC LONG JUMP by Nadia, Oceana and Ella

This is a great film…be patient through the darkness that appeared when we added the credits and titles.



OLYMPIC DIVING by Elliot and Ellie

Can you identify the Olympians?



AGE RUNNING by Theo and Morwenna

The concept for this is genius – perhaps this is what it is like to run a marathon?



DIVE by Darcy, Tyler and Joris

A prediction for the Future Olympics.



DIVING TO THE GOLD by Charlotte T, Charlotte R and Charley

Playmobil man scores highly for technique and style. Look out for the splash!



OLYMPIC DIVING by Lauren, Jamie and George

A great watch – add your own commentator’s thoughts in to this one.



TRICK by Aimee, Jemima and Rosa

A beautiful start to what can be achieved with stop motion animation.



BLOOD-THIRSTY OLYMPICS by Laz, Finlay and Noah

Watch out for the surprising and ravenous Olympic competitor!



RUNNING by Poppy, Daisy and Charlotte F

Playmobile characters running round the bend…who will be victorious?