Jan 17 2016

Jurassic Monsters

We have now started looking at the Jurassic Period in dinosaur history, when the largest dinosaurs evolved. Brachiosaurus was the largest and we have drawn and labelled one and made a model which we will decorate. We have thought about colours of the creatures and whether they were camouflaged. When it is finished, we will put him into the role play area, so look out!
We shared our homework, eggs and dinosaurs, many thanks for much needed adult support! We even had some flying dinosaurs from Charlie and Arthur.
While we have been solving dinosaur puzzles in Maths, Miss Puxley has been measuring dinosaur feet and we have been finding out whether our feet fit inside a dinosaur footprint! Next week we will find out whether brachiosaurus would fit on the field, weather permitting!
On Wednesday, Josh came to show us capoeira moves and tell us about its history which was very interesting.