Jan 23 2016

Jurassic Dinosaurs!

We started the week by researching brachiosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period. At that time there was a lot more rain and so tropical forests provided rich vegetation for herbivores. Over time they evolved into giants! We made notes, using bullet points and then at the end of the week we wrote our non-fiction text using these notes. We had to remember to extend our sentences, putting two facts together and using a conjunction between. It was a tough task but very successful.
On Tuesday we were delighted to meet Judy Scrimshaw, Oliver’s Granny, who brought in her new book. She read us a tale of a sea dinosaur who came to live near Cornish coast and of its visits on land. It was a great story and her illustrations inspired us.
Finally, our maths challenge on Friday was to draw a scaled down dinosaur on squared paper. Another tricky task but with brilliant results, which are displayed in the classroom. Please come and see them.
We are still exploring in our role play area, and have started decorating brachiosaurus model which will be in there when complete!IMG_4286.JPG