Junior Sports Academy 18 Apr 2013

Every year we nominate many pupils to attend the Peninsula Sports Academy, Gifted and Talented event where they take part in a range of MULTI skill activities. This year we sent nine pupils from Y6 who are very able in many areas of PE and who also show good sporting attitudes and behaviours whether winning or losing when playing – especially towards others. The competition is very high every year and the highest scoring 20 pupils become the Sports Academy Primary Pupils for 2013. We are proud of all our pupils who attended and are delighted that Guy, Vera and Louis all did well enough to qualify. These three children now attend half termly events that are specially prepared for them. So far they have taken part in team building, a nutrition workshop, badminton and fitness testing. The year usually ends with a triathlon at Swanpool beach. Check out our Sports Academy Pupils below in their kit: