Oct 10 2015

Jousting Knights and Banana Trees!

On Monday and Tuesday we found out about what Knights do for fun! We were amazed about how long they spent at feasts and how much food they ate. We also learned about jousting and that even the horses wore armour! The children drew pictures of this sport and then wrote some sentences about it. Great work from Phoebe who was very enthusiastic.
On Wednesday, Miss Puxley talked about Henry Vlll ready for the Pendennis trip. She used the painting by Holbein as a starting point for drawings and a collage. Did he really have such large shoulders?
We were invited to Mrs Moore’s garden on Thursday, to see her banana tree. It was amazing and had the remains of a flower with small bananas growing above. We saw photos of the plant when it was first planted in 2011 and returned to school, laden with leaves, parts of flower and tiny green bananas. They are displayed outside the classroom, do come and look.
Following this, we drew detailed drawings of the tree, which we labelled. There were some brilliant drawings, particularly Nina, well done Cober Class!
Finally, we completed a knight puzzle on Friday. There were castles which had the number of legs written on them. The task was to work out how many Knights lived in each castle! Some great counting in 2 followed and great listening from Rosie, who had trouble counting legs until she followed my suggestion and organised her Knights into straight lines.

Another exhausting week, I wonder what will happen next week!IMG_3853.JPG