Nov 5 2015


With Kenwyn Class learning all about the oceans and seas as part of their topic they have also been looking at different jobs you can do at sea too. We have had many visitors, power points and insights into the many jobs at sea. We now know that you can do just about any job at sea, especially if you are stationed on a big ship or cruise liner. Did you know you can even work in a bank, as a beautician or a chef as well as be a navigator, pilot, doctor or engineer?

We have had visits from Captain Gilbert, Third Officer Tim Churchley, RNLI lifeguard Andy Beswick and PO Ireland from Culdrose. Many of us were inspired by all the various jobs and are now thinking about the possibility of these careers. We now know what we need to be good at school, what qualities we need as well as the best and worst parts of each job.

We have been writing fact files about each job and we hope to make a book about all we have learnt.