Nov 5 2014

Jobs at sea: The Royal Navy

Katie’s Dad came in and told us all about life in the Navy. It sounds very exciting. Not only can he fix helicopters and teach other people how to do it too but he is also a trained fire fighter! He has lots of skills so he can work as part of a team on ship. The most exciting part of his job is when a fixed helicopter leaves a flight deck and also seeing all the sunsets, sunrises and different places in the world. He has also seen flying fish and dolphins swimming in the bow waves. The worst part of his job is leaving his family – sometimes for up to seven months. He wears a uniform and has badges to show his rank. He is very proud to be in the Navy and there are so many jobs you can do such as: engineer, pilot, navigator, firefighter, doctor, nurse, dentist, chef, survival and physical trainer. What a great career to think about in the future.