Jemima`s week at school 26 May 2012

Monday, Tusday, Wenesday, Thursday and Friday.

My week at school has been hurtful, exiting, scary and tiring. Hurtful because some girls in tamar have been hurting my feelings by teasing me. Exciting because I am gettng a new bed and my grandparents and auntie are coming down for the weekend. scary beause we have been doing SATS all week so I am scared about that. I don`t know how well I have done.Tiring because my brain has been doing writting, maths and more writting. My head is a big ball of mush. My favouit part of the week is a Thursday because I have boxer-size. that is really fun because I love circit training .My other best day is tuesday because I love samba. samba is great because even know I have ear plugs in, I can still hear the brillant noise of drums.

thank you for reading my blog.