Investigating Right Angles in the Outdoors 12 Oct 2013

Learning went outside in our maths lesson on Thursday when we were using sticks to learn about right right angles.

I was inspired by this blog post on the brilliant: ‘I’m a teacher get me outside of here’.

I set the children a problem to make a picture or design with as many right angles as possible using only 8 sticks. Children used set squares to measure the right angles and multilink cubes to mark them.

The children designs started off with very few right angles, but once they discovered that 4 right angles could be made by crossing two sticks, designs started to appear with the maximum number of right angles possible.

The children were so enthused by their lesson that they all wanted to continue learning and problem solving during their playtime!

I think that a maximum number of right angles than can be made with 8 sticks is 64. I wonder how many more right angles could be made by adding 1 more stick, or two more sticks?