Interveiwing the Queen 26 May 2012

It all started in a PSHE lesson when we were put into four (4) groups to research Princess Elizabeth the 2nd. I found out that she married the Duke of Edinburgh in 1949. Her farther King George the 6th died so they cancled their tour that the planned in 1952 , so they rushed back on a plane and she was very upset of her fathers death. Then since she was next in line for the throne then suddenly she was crowned Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. She has four (4) children called Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne. We pretended to be news reporters and pretended to interveiw the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, my news reporter was called Tom Tucker. This was my blog entry for homework it was a fun task and i had to remember all of this. Thank you for listening.

By Lucas