Case studies

Example of support that we give to pupils with SEND who are on our Record of Need, with comments from the pupils and their parent

Ruby, Year 3

Ruby is a bubbly, fun-loving and intelligent Year 3. She loves riding her horse, learning about Roald Dahl and Japan! She has cerebral palsy and an audiology report found that she has poor hearing. She joined our school from Reception in 2013.

Ruby receives extra help with exercises from a Physiotherapist based at Royal Cornwall Hospital. Her Physio has been really impressed with the progress that she is making. Ruby discussed how much she enjoyed REAL PE, the programme that Mrs Gilbert (Deputy Head teacher and PE Subject Leader) introduced and has transformed how we teach PE in order to include, challenge and support every child.

In class, Ruby sits so that her strongest ear is facing the speakers because she has partial hearing. Tasks are explained to her by a teaching assistant to ensure that she understands what she needs to do before she begins her learning, and make the links with other learning. Teachers will also make sure that instructions are broken down, to avoid giving too many instructions at once. Precision teaching is used daily to help Ruby to recall her times tables quickly and confidently.

In her own words, Ruby said:

“They don’t tell me the answers but they tell me how to work them out. I sometimes do it my way and I get the wrong answer and then I do it their way and I get the right. Using different ways that other children do it helps me, like Maths frog. That helps me to count up by counting up the jumps and that gets you to your answer.”

“Mrs Page links my [daily] exercises with yoga. I feel calmer and stretch my body because if it is quiet and I relax it makes me feel calm.”

“Using the iPads to describe how something hears like or smells like or look like it comes up with better words on the thesaurus. Tasty is banned so you could use scrumdiddilliumtious instead! I like using them to find different words for my writing.”

Her Mum, Carly Kent, who teaches in Fal Class (Reception), says…

“Ruby thoroughly enjoys school and has a positive attitude to learning. She is a determined young lady who is becoming increasingly confident partly due to the approaches taken in class to encourage Ruby to be more independent.
The introduction of Real PE has challenged yet supported her physically with progress being observed by myself and her physiotherapist. Ruby will always have a go.

The use of Mathletics at home has encouraged Ruby to develop her maths skills and she is always motivated to receive another Mathletics certificate in assembly. Constantine Primary School are always very approachable if I have a question or in meeting Ruby’s educational or physical needs.”