We believe that homework supports home/school links and should play a part in enabling children to reach their full potential regardless of age, gender or cultural background. Homework helps children:

  • Become successful as independent learners
  • Encourages and supports children to be more motivated and independent to complete tasks
  • To reinforce and extend class/topic work, further developing knowledge and understanding
  • Increase opportunities for speaking and listening
  • Develop and improve home/school relationships


Homework given, in the professional judgment of the teachers, is appropriate to the age and needs of the child It is provided as an extension to learning intentions introduced in class or for reinforcement or revision of topics covered.

Foundation Stage homework:

There is an expectation that parents and carers will support their child by reading with them on a regular basis. This will also include phonics practice and ensures that what is being learnt in school can be practised at home. Expectation: 10 minutes a day.

Key Stage 1 homework will include:

 • Weekly phonics/reading

• Weekly spelling 

• Weekly spelling

• Occasional research homework

•The option of completing additional tasks from the homework grid (on class web page)

Expectation: 15 minutes a day.

KS2 homework includes:

  • Daily reading
  • Spellings x 3 times weekly
  • Times table/number bond/fact practice
  • Sometimes a research project may be sent home which is linked to their class topic.
  • 1 piece of longer homework to practice the skills learnt in class. This may be Literacy, Numeracy or topic based

Expectation: 20-30 minutes a day.

Access to the internet:

The homework grid for each class is also available on our school website. It is desirable that children access this homework as it further supports learning in class. Children are shown where to access these documents in school and they are also posted onto Class Dojo at the beginning of each term for parents to refer to.

Keeping parents informed:

Parents are kept informed about the nature of homework/home learning and how they can support this through: The termly class newsletter, the annual welcome meeting, Class Dojo communication, conversations at pick up times and consultation meetings.

November 2020