Hollie’s Happy 26 May 2012

My week has been exciting, as well as tiring. This week was SATs week.The SATs were normal and throughout the tests I was boiling (even though we had the door open).Our first test was the literacy test (probably my least favourite) and Mrs Gregory made us read through it 7 times!

At the moment, I’m enjoying art very much ,especially etegami. I’m proud of having my etegami on the school website as the “work of the week” for Kenwyn class. on Friday I found it hilarious when Mr Jones dressed up as the Queen (who had two diferent shades of hair, I wonder where she goes to have her hair done?) He (or should I say she) set us a task to find out about the Queen, there were 4 different groups and I learnt an awful lot.

My highlight of the school week was playtime, because I was free (and I finally got to cool off, lukily I didn’t faint) and I could relax and expandto my origanalfun self (I’d been very tense throughout the tests). So all in all my week was excitable, different and, mine( I was gladto go to bedon Friday.