Nov 6 2015

Holiday Fun chapter 1 by Megan

I awoke it was pitch black. Then all of a sudden it became light and my sister Libby was shouting was shouting “wake up Zara”. So I got up and got changed and ran downstairs. Mum said she has some news for me(my mum is called Elisabeth she is a famous actress in drama).  Mum said” we are going to Hollywood and you are aloud to take a friend “. When I get to school I ask my friend Tamara if she wants to come to Hollywood with me and she asks her mum if she can and her mum and she says yes. Tamara comes back to myne and we start to pack for a weeks holiday. I pack my: toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, cloths, shoes etc. Libby comes into my room and she says that “I have been entered into a singing competition”. I am scared but I don’t really mind because my mum and my family all think my voice is amazing. We are setting off tomorrow and dads coming with us because he has a week off football (my dads a famous footballer). I can’t wait to go to Hollywood tomorrow.