Apr 23 2016

History, the Queen and Rainforests!

All in one week! A very busy week for Cober covering lots of different topics. We started the week by visiting Bosahan Woods in search of mining ruins. We explored places where miners would have worked and thought about what the trees would have been used for. We also observed changes in plants and trees which showed that Spring had arrived. On Tuesday we started thinking about the Queen being 90, looking back over old photos and videos. This culminated in cooking (and of course eating) a cake to celebrate her real birthday on Thursday! Lots of great learning and talking about ingredients and methods of mixing and cooking, thanks to Mrs Micklem.
At the end of the week we travelled to South America to look at The Amazon Rainforest, which covered several countries including Brazil. We talked about the different layers and what it would be like on the forest floor. We were all amazed by the variety of animals and plants at all levels of the forest. On Friday we were busy painting animals, cutting leaves and making junk models for our role play area.
Next week, we will continue to make animal masks with Miss Puxley, write about the layers, measure the height of the trees and get out our binoculars again to explore our new Rainforest role play corner!