Jun 6 2015

Hinduism, Gandhi and Tigers!

We started the week by listening to our new story, ‘How Tiger got his Stripes’. Lots of lovely phrases to remember. Mrs Micklem introduced Hinduism and made a colourful shrine, similar to ones found in India. Mrs Moyle had made saris, which we were able to practise putting on! So, by Wednesday we were totally immersed in India!
Our next topic was Gandhi and his kind and peaceful approach to solving problems such as poverty and racism. Valerie was particularly impressed by the story of his shoe- when he was boarding a train, Gandhi lost a shoe but couldn’t retrieve it, however he instantly kicked off his other shoe. Asked why he had done this, he replied that now a poor person would find a pair of shoes which he could use. When we talked about Gandhi being imprisoned, Emma was quick to realise that this was unfair.
Great thinking about a tricky subject, Cober!
Maths this week was working in teams to collect and organise information. We found that our favourite wild flower was Daisy and that less than half the class had blue eyes. Thanks to our team leaders all teams completed their tasks.
Thanks to all children who brought in plants. We have planted most in our garden, which is looking very colourful! Now the weather is improving, we will be maintaining our patch more regularly.
Finally, our week ended with a visit from Charlotte, who taught us a great Indian dance routine, incorporating colourful scarves! We started our workshop with gentle yoga, great for Mrs Micklem and I, and ended with a magnificent dance which we showed in assembly.
If you didn’t come to assembly, we do have a video of one of our practices.

Another busy week and next week we have a trip to the art gallery in Falmouth, no electricity day and Art Day, so much to look forward to.