Jul 14 2017

High Level Science at Penryn College

Tamar class had a fantastic time at Penryn College science department on Thursday afternoon. Through exciting demonstrations and hands-on experiments, the children explored sound waves and light waves. The teacher, Dr Stuart, was impressed with the children’s knowledge and scientific vocabulary. The children used their BLP skills to make scientific deductions from their experiments.

Lily enjoyed the ripple tank, “My favourite part was being able to see the vibrations in the water.”

Ronan’s highlight was linking the vibrations in the ripple tank to how sound travels.

Several children enjoyed making the flames of the Ruben’s tube dance; Samuel found it “really interesting.”

Barney CG and Harry used their mathematical skills to determine the rule for the angle of reflection and impressed us all.

Dr Stuart’s demonstration of the whoosh bottle made several of us jump. Alec’s favourite part of the afternoon was when the flames “flew up like petrol on bracken” and Olivia liked it when the flames hit the ceiling.

Click the link for a yYoutube video of a Ruben’s tube.