Henri Matisse inspires Helford Class 12 Oct 2013

Helford Class have been inspired by the work of Henri Matisse this week. They attended an art  exhibition held at Falmouth Poly displaying his work and enjoyed every minute of it. Freelance Artist : Suzanna Webster met the class as they arrived and kept them all busy for 2 hours. The first task was to find the picture they most liked then they had to imagine they had just bought the picture and interview each other as to why they chose that one in particular. They also made stained glass pictures and colourful representations inspired by fruits, just like Matisse himself used to do. They heard and asked lots about Monsieur Matisse and found a lot out about his life. Interestingly, most of his work was done from his wheelchair or bed as he was so poorly. The children enjoyed using charcoal attached to long canes just like he did; some found it tricky, whilst others thought it was easy. Our next task in school is to use the iPads and create body shapes, then try to make them into images just like his ‘Nude Blues’. We might even get our assistants to position the shapes on the wall too!