Helford Skype New Zealand 26 Jun 2013

Helford Class were so excited when Mrs Gilbert announced that they would be Skyping their buddies in New Zealand. Class 17  at Laingholm Primary School were even more excited as they were having an over night camp at school. Various e-mails and texts between Mrs Cox and Mrs G enabled our time zones to coincide. Having spent the first lesson getting used to the new e-mail system Mrs G’s iPad suddenly started to ring at 09:30. Everyone sat on the carpet and the next 45 minutes were spent chatting to our friends on the other side of the world for the first time. The strange thing was those in New Zealand were about to go to bed and we were just starting the school day.  Nearly all of us spoke to our buddies and it was great. We are looking forward to chatting to them all again soon. Although the pictures all look similar we have a shot of each child chatting to their NZ buddy: