Helford Class : Africa 6 Apr 2011

Design Technology:
In Helford Class we have been designing and making  African jewellery. Our first task was to draw a huge person in groups and put as much jewellery on him/her as possible. We have lots of African jewellery on our classroom display which made this a bit easier. We then looked at materials and what kind of item we would like to make. We had to work on fastenings and know how it would stay done up. The success of our completed item of jewellery was marked on:
  • Appearance
  • Construction
  • Size suitable for the wearier it was made for
We then evaluated our products and showed them off on a display and in showing assembly.
AFRICA Our African display shows our African drums, printing techniques (the border), flowers, and sunset backgrounds and our African material which we designed and printed. Do you like our African Silhouette pictures?

PSHE We have been learning about friendships and how to cope with getting on and falling out. Sometimes even friends can be annoying. We know how to resolve problems and have made cup cakes in groups which display all the qualities of good friendships:
MATHS We love Maths in Helford Class. We have been doing lots of work on directions using the compass as well as everyday language like: left, right, forwards, backwards, steps, clockwise, anti-clockwise, under, over, next to, through, between, North, East, South, West, North-East etc. Then we moved onto shapes and directions using co-ordinates on a grid to help find positions. This will be useful when we need to read maps in the future. Here you can see we have been learning about symmetry and did you know that some shapes have no lines of symmetry and some have more than one line of symmetry! Mrs G