Nov 7 2015


After finding out about hedgehogs before half term, we started the week by making dens where hedgehogs could hibernate. Location was important so that the hedgehogs wouldn’t be disturbed and so we headed for the far side of the grounds. We used natural materials with lots of cosy leaves! After that, we made signs to keep people away and hoped that hedgehogs might be passing! Our next task was to write instructions so that other people could make dens. Well done to Arthur, Archie, Rosa and Rosie who had some great ideas for their writing. We all learnt to use time connectives and bossy verbs!
In Maths we were still thinking about what numbers are made up of and our puzzle this week was to break numbers down into 3 parts. Well done to Aoife, Tilly and Lowen for good understanding of the task.
Mrs Skewes and Mrs Moyle came to make a fruity oat crumble with us this week. It was brilliant, sampling the new flavours. We learnt about healthy food and lots of new ingredients. If you want the recipe, just pop in to school.
Next week, we will be writing our stories about the Lonely Scarecrow.