Nov 12 2016

Hedgehogs and Castles!

What an exciting week in Cober Class! We started thinking about hedgehogs and why they hibernated in Winter. Then we thought about where they might settle for a sleep and decided to make special areas which they could use. Most important was a safe place where there would be fewer disturbances! If you look closely in the far end of the grounds, you will see some of our dens and our signs. Olly Rivero remembered that hedgehogs could climb trees and encouraged his team to make a den in a tree. Great high rise apartment Olly!

On Tuesday we made clay hedgehogs with twigs for spines. We remembered to make the snout and small nose on the end. Finally we hid our hedgehogs near the dens but unfortunately the torrential rain dissolved most of them! A good lesson in materials. However, we were able to write some brilliant instructions about how to make a clay hedgehog on Friday, remembering time words and bossy verbs.

wednesday was our trip to Pendennis and a great workshop about Henry Vlll and Tudor times. A good day and tired children at the end!

what will happen next week…