Nov 14 2021

Heart Start

In Y6 we have been learning about how to respond in an emergency. The most important fact to remember is that you must keep yourself safe.
We use the acronym: DRs ABsC

D= Check for any dangers to you or the casualty

R= Try to get a response (this can tell you if the casualty is breathing or not)

S= Shout for help… you might need support or someone to call an ambulance

A= Open the airway fully

B= Check for breathing (up to ten seconds by looking, listening and feeling for normal breathing)

s= Shout or call for help if it hasn’t arrived

C= Chest compressions at a rate of 30:2 breaths if the casualty is not breathing.

We know that if a casualty is breathing and not injured that we put them in the recovery position.
we are going to be learning about dealing with bleeding, choking, cardiac arrest shock next.

we really enjoy the role play and learning about how we might, one day, be able to help someone who is in trouble.