Habitats Day 7 Mar 2014

Helford Class enjoyed a day of activities in the local woods led by Lizard Wild Trust Ranger Claire Scott. It was a truly brilliant day where we all learned so much. In the first few minutes of entering the woods we closed our eyes and listened – just for a minute. We heard six different bird songs in that time, including a blackbird, blue tit and chaffinch- amazing!
We did a hunt in pairs for living things and found the following:
Centipedes, leeches, maggots, millipedes, wood lice, slugs, snails, spring tails, Beech trees, moss, worms, blackbirds, spiders and an amazing yellow fourteen spot ladybird!
We found out some fascinating facts from our wildlife guide books like…just how magical worms are. Did you know they break down leaf litter into soil? Just imagine what the world would be like without worms – pretty full of dead leaves!
We were also fascinated by the fact Centipedes are blind. They sense their prey through vibrations that they pick up from their many legs. They also have mandibles which stick in its prey. These inject poison to paralyse their tasty meal so they can then feed on it. Some centipedes have 40, 60 or nearly one hundred or more legs…not many actually have 100!

We made a woodland food chain which was something like this:
Beech tree, wood louse, blackbird (ill and died), maggot, centipede, frog, adder, buzzard (ill), fox (hit by car), cat, buzzard, maggot, blackbird, buzzard, shrew, slug, bluebell, sun.
Back at school we dissected owl pellets to find out what they had been eating. It was a bit stinky but great fun. The owls had clearly been gobbling up: shrews, mice, voles and even bats! We identified the different bones we found.
Following our bug hunt we decided on three adaptations that we really liked from the animals we found and then created our own ‘super bug’ based on these characteristics. We made them out of clay and then photographed them in their habitats.
A busy but fantastic day.