Mar 13 2015

Great Dinosaur Stories!

Another busy week for dinosaur experts in Cober. We have created story plans and written some very good stories about dinosaurs. Mrs Bancroft popped in to listen to some and was impressed. Well done Cober, great authors.
We have also started making clay dinosaurs, which we will paint and varnish next week. Thanks to Mrs Gardner, who is helping us on 3 days a week.
In Maths we have been weighing and ordering dinosaurs, working in teams to answer questions about our findings.
Sadly, we only have 2 weeks left of this topic; next week we will be thinking about how to catch a Greedy Dinosaur and we hope you will join us one afternoon in the final week to look through all our work. We are hoping to make dinosaur biscuits to share!

Challenge: who popped in to hear our stories? 2 team points if you let me know on Monday.IMG_2726.JPG