Grass Track Cycling Event 12 Jun 2013

On Thursday 6th June, 8 children went to Penryn Collage for a Grass track racing competition. When we arrived all of us had a practice to see how big the course was and how many laps we were doing. Next we were split into 2 groups, 4 people on each team because we were racing like in the Olympics, where not just one person races, but four people altogether in a straight line. After a while the organisers told everyone that the races were about to begin. First was Constantine Team A who only just got beaten and came 2nd. Then it was Team B from Constantine who unfortunately had the same result as Team A and got pipped to the post. But in the second round we did much better because both teams won their races, Team A was against Mabe B and Team B was against Mabe A.

From Chelsea.