Grace’s exciting sats week! 26 May 2012

On Monday 14th may we did  very hard and tiring sats. We did quite a lot of sat papers and questions I could not answer. We had to show our workings out but I got a bit confused  and went onto another question. I   went over  it at the end if I had time at the end. i was hoping I got them right. I havent got my results yet but i hope i have done well with my sat papers. We have also been using japanese ink for are etegamis you would usally draw fruit.  When you draw frui tyou dont draw the whole picture you zoom in. and you would know its from japan becase it would have a japanese stamp on it. And it usally has a saying above it.And japanese people do not join up there handwriting because they are learning english just like we are learning French.

by Grace