Sep 19 2015

Giants and Castles

This week we have finished our giant in the role play, added an owl family to the Spooky Woods, thanks to Hannah and enjoyed playing in the castle. In our topic work, we have added labels to the giant and speech bubbles! At the end of the week we thought about the Golden Rules and now have them displayed so that we can keep thinking about them.
In our Maths we have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards and thinking about counting objects in an organised way. We have also looked at 3d shapes and found some examples for our display. Finally, on Friday we had to solve puzzles by drawing animals and counting legs. Some great puzzle solving, Cober!
Our Science was all about materials, looking at objects and deciding what they are made from. We sorted out a few things and found a lot of them were made from plastic.
Another busy week!

Team point challenge: who made the owl family for our Spooky Woods? If you tell me on Monday, you will get 2 team points!