Jan 19 2018

Foods from Italy

Y4 have been studying The Romans. We have also been looking at foods that come from Italy that we love to eat now and that form part of our diets. Pizza Express in Falmouth were great as the chefs there showed us how to make our own.
It was delicious.

Rona: This is the best trip ever, I loved making my own pizza.
Brendan: I know all the ingredients for the dough in a pizza.
Emma: I’ve never tasted Basil before but it was really nice so I cut some up for  the top of my pizza.
Elijah: I want to eat it all right now, it smells so good.
Scarlett: would you like to try my pizza? I never thought I could make it so good.
Mrs Williams: I had the most well behaved children in my car who offered their pizza to me and they all said Thankyou for driving them there too. What a pleasure.