Mar 18 2017

Flowers, Dinosaurs and Teeth!

With all our assessments this week, we have had little time to find out about dinosaurs! However, we had a brilliant start to the week, making flowers out of recycled bottles and other materials. There was a lovely atmosphere of collaboration in the Hall as mixed age groups tackled this creative task! The final result was amazing, with everyone showing off their own, unique flower, boat or fish ready to be planted at the Pavilions.

Miss Puxley took time to make jam sandwiches, to support our learning about fractions! Although dinosaurs like jam I think most of the sandwiches were eaten by children!

During activity time, Sam started the trend to make multi link dinosaurs. Amazing creatures have now appeared, which have clear features and are obviously recognisable. Brilliant idea Sam! We have also enjoyed using clip boards in the role play to collect information about dinosaurs. Great research Cober Class!

By Friday we had finished testing and returned to our Greedy Dinosaur story. We have found facts about velociraptors to add to our character description, remembering to write in sentences!

Alex brought in a brilliant megoladon tooth to show us. Thank you Alex, he told us about the scary creature it came from!

We are looking forward to planning our own story next week as well as making dinosaur shadow puppets so that we can perform short plays. Another exciting week for dinosaur experts in Cober Class.