May 6 2017

Fishing boats and Mines!

Our theme of Cornwall is well under way now. We have almost finished our role play corner with a boat and a mine where the children can sail away to foreign places or dig deep under the mine for copper and tin!

We have walked through the woods to see the remains of the mining which was so important in Constantine and Dr Adrian has answered lots of well considered questions from the children. We look forward to visiting the Tolmen museum where Tracey is organising a workshop with many great artefacts for us to handle.

This week we have also been investigating place value and using Cuisenaire rods to help us understand tens and units. More of this to follow next week alongside poetry and all the descriptive language this generates.

Friday was a busy day with cooking Cornish Splits and then Dodgeball! We were sad to lose our match against Fal, but we played well and Congratulate the Reception children on their success.