Mar 16 2016

Final Japan Club 2016

Grace, Theo, Lilah, Mawgan, Mason, Freya, Angus and Jack have been brilliant members of the club this term, sharing the passion for language, culture and fun. They received special sayonara gifts today and made cards describing what they like about Japan that we will be sending to Mr Anjari’s friend there. To finish, it had to be sumo and the kamifusen. Megajanken will be played for many years yet, I hope. Long may there interest in Japan continue.

Here are a few of the children’s thoughts…

Mason: I won against Mr Anjari 4 times in sumo!

Lilah: I liked the restaurant where we had egg boxes and pegs and books to eat.

Freya: We made cards to send to Mr Anjari’s friends in Japan. It was fun.

Theo: Sumo-wrestling was my second favourite thing but origami was the best thing.