Feb 27 2016

Filming, Building and Counting Dinosaurs!

We took advantage of the sunshine on Tuesday to look for a good place to film our dinosaur stories. In the next few weeks we will be creating storyboards and then using an animation program on our iPads to create a short adventure film with our model dinosaurs. We are going to work in small teams and have already had some brilliant ideas about our films.
On the same day, we continued with some poetry, writing about the King of the Dinosaurs. Some lovely ideas which have been sent to Miss Paine so she can choose our awesome authors (poets) this month.
On Thursday, we started our storytelling and heard the story of Greedy Dinosaur! Our task is to learn the story, with its rich language so we can write our own story. We also counted some dinosaurs and used number lines to count on.
On Friday we returned to the story of Mary Anning, a famous palaeontologist, who found a sea living dinosaur in Dorset. We sequenced some events which happened in her life and were surprised that she had climbed a rickety wooden scaffold to uncover her dinosaur bones, a brave lady!
Finally, our Friday Maths puzzle consisted of two challenges! First, the children had to draw a dinosaur which was 2 pencils long in pairs. Then, In groups, they had to create vicious velociraptors which were 1m tall or long! Some groups used shapes, some junk modelling materials. What great results and very close to the metre! The most accurate were the shape group, well done. Thanks to Mrs Hussey, one of our governors, for her invaluable support during this session. The excitement and cooperation within groups was very good.
Another great week in the life of dinosaur experts, good job Cober a hard working week.
We are looking forward to more tasks next week with our storytelling and to the Newquay Zoo trip on 10th March.IMG_4424.JPG