Nov 18 2015

FH 690 Peter John 2

A friendly local fisherman called Cameron came in today to tell us all about what he finds each and every day. He taught us all so much and most sea life was still alive. We got to handle and study huge crabs, urchins, whelks and cray fish up close to mention a few. 

Did you know a lobster and crab can shoot a claw if they feel threatened? We know how to approach them carefully now if we find any in rock pools or on our beaches. Some of the sea life came in all sorts of colours and shades to suit the exact environment it lives on or in and it isn’t just cuttlefish that do this as lobsters and shrimps and crabs do too. 

Cameron was very knowledgeable about all the laws, rules and regulations regarding what sea life you can and cannot land. He is a great believer in these and abides by them all. The live sea life he brought in was going straight back into the sea after his visit. He told us about different measurements the animals have to be and we measured each one and identified if it could be kept or landed. It was great to meet such a proud local fisherman who supports and works by these laws and promotes the wellbeing and the future of the fishing industries populations so much.

We tasted fresh crab and Mrs Skewes cooked some of the haddock that Cameron brought in and we all tried tasting them. Some of us had never tried crab or fish before and so for many, this was a new experience. Everyone liked the haddock and most enjoyed the crab too. Fish is such healthy food and we were surprised at how delicious is was without the batter or breadcrumbs. Yummy!