Falmouth Fire Station 25 Apr 2013

Year 5 and 6 went to Falmouth Fire Station yesterday to attend a Life-Skills event. It was a whirlwind tour full of information about staying safe. The children learned about:

  • the dangers of drugs with Flashpoint
  • electricity dangers with Western Power Distribution
  • the legal age you are are allowed to buy products such as alcohol, tobacco, knives and solvents with Trading Standards
  • the implications of not wearing your cycle helmet or seat-belt
  • recycling and making making recycled paper
  • washing hands properly
  • first aid and the recovery position
  • internet safety with the police
  • the dangers of making hoax call to the emergency services with the Fire Service

Many thanks to the PTA for giving us £100 for the coach which meant that we could attend the event for FREE!

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